Continuing Education

IAEI BFC offers two hours of Continuing Education Credit (0.2 CEU) at each chapter meeting.
These credits are IAEI, Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania approved.

Click Here to download "2012 ESM Review" PowerPoint

Square D was asked the factory to clarify the procedure to install a piece of 3R equipment and ensure that the drain is provided. Here's their response regarding safety switches:

Nothing has to be done to the 30A - 600A NEMA 3R switches. Their drain provisions are designed into the bottom endwall. The 800A - 1200A have a screw in the bottom endwall that is removed and discarded. There is a label by the screw telling the installer to remove it.

Some of our starters are supplied with a 12/3R enclosure. These enclosures must be field modified to make them 3R from 12. These instructions are provided on page 16-95 of the latest Digest.

Applying Safety Switches in Photovoltaic Installations - Provided by Square D

Direct Current and Photovoltaic Systems - Provided by Square D

Slides on Arc Flash and Power System Protection - Provided by Frank Mercede of the Mercedes Electric Company from his presentation at the IAEI Ben Franklin Chapter February Meeting

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